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Episode Summary

Cody and Isaac sit down for some Q&A on Brand Architecture and The Beyond Beer Handbook.

Episode Notes

Points of discussion:

1. What are the differences between Brand Architecture for a new brewery vs. during a brewery rebrand?

2. When can you spin out a Sub Brand into its own family?

3. In making this, did you consider distributor interaction as part of the rubric?

4. Does the B.E.A.T. apply to beer and breweries specifically or can I use it to figure out how my distillery can release a line of RTDs?

5. What is the utility in keeping the parent brand on a wildly successful Endorsed Brand (like New Belgium’s Voodoo Ranger) long term?

6. What are the downsides to releasing a budget offering under my parent brand (cheap domestic lager, etc.)?

7. What will your next book be about?

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