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Episode Summary

Cody and Isaac sit down to field Beer Branding Trends Newsletter subscriber-submitted questions.

Episode Notes

Points of discussion:

1. What are some common problems you see with the executive team during a rebrand? Our brewery is planning to undergo a brand refresh, and we’re planning to try it internally, at least at first. I want to make sure we go into this with eyes wide open so we don’t sabotage ourselves.

2. We’re a brewery in planning and we don’t have much money budgeted for branding. Maybe 5–10k at most. Is this enough to actually get anything good done, and if not, what should we do?

3. You write about signaling a lot. What’s your favorite book on this subject?

4. Does CODO ever work under noncompetes? I’m a creative director at a larger agency that works primarily in CPG / FMCG and that’s the norm in our industry? I’ve seen your work with several breweries in specific markets, like Georgia, for example. Curious how those individual clients feel about this?

5. How do you guys handle client requests, revisions, etc. that you know won’t be good?

6. We’re almost 90% certain going to be switching our annual barrel aged release from bombers to 16oz cans. Do you have any thoughts on whether or not this is a good idea?

7. What do you think about putting IBU / SRM on a can label? As a brewer, I want to include as much info on the beer itself as possible, but the rest of my team disagrees and only thinks it will clutter things up.

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