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Episode Summary

Cody and Isaac sit down for some Q&A on the topic of audience definition within the beer and beverage industry.

Episode Notes

Points of discussion:

BBT 016 – Defining Your Brewery’s Core Audience

1. How do you prevent customer personas from becoming overly stereotypical? Seems like this would leave the door open for any number of sweeping generalizations and maybe not be that valuable as you begin to work on brand strategy? And secondly, do you find that most brewery’s customer persona exercises tend to be similar?

2. Do you use Brand Archetypes for your brand strategy or do you think it’s total bullshit?

3. I read the Rabobank Report you linked to in the Lost Nomad issue of the Beer Branding Trends Newsletter… The most interesting thing about that report was how much more women are drinking than men. What do you think this means for the future of the craft beer industry? It has traditionally been a male-dominated space (something I’ve been keenly aware of over the last 5 years as I’ve carved out a career in it). Do you think the beer industry, as it is today, can survive as we move into a more diverse, women-led future?

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