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Episode Summary

Cody and Isaac sit down and discuss everything covered in this year’s Beer Branding Trends review.

Episode Notes

Points of discussion:

1. Read the piece here.

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3. Reinvention (rebrands, refreshes, packaging formats in flux, SKU rationalization, a shift back to bottles?)

4. Why are lifestyle brands a smart play right now? (Also, what is a lifestyle brand?)

5. eCommerce (the real adventure was in the consumer data we gathered along the way)

6. Beyond Beer (yet another plug for our book that we’ve been talking about for two years. is it even real?)

7. CODO with the hot takes!

8. Day parting (how can breweries open up new morning, afternoon and evening occasions?)

9. Cody is all in on nootropics, mushroom coffee and cocaine. (is there anything more functional than cocaine?)

10. Revisiting the Law of Category

11. Some thoughts on seltzer (going premium, categorical differentiation, seltzer-izing other categories)

12. Brand Architecture

13. The accidental hospitality group

14. Fanciful names vs. monolithic brand-forward names

15. Package design trends + expert opinions

Read the 2022 Beer Branding Trends Review here.

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