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VOL. 035

Our 2023 Beer Branding Trends Review is out now!

Hello, hello, hello!

Sorry for the exclamations point. I'm actually exclaiming though, because CODO's 2023 Beer Branding Trends Review is out today. 

1. Read the report here.

2. And if audio is more your speed, we recorded a companion podcast episode that serves as high level overview of this piece as well. Listen to that here.

Now for some fun stuff you can expect over the coming month

We're experimenting with this report's format this year and are excited to see what you think. 

As a thank you for being a BBT subscriber, we're pulling out 4 specific portions of this report and sending them to you alone.

These include: 

1. Paths to Market for Startups 
2. Monolithic Portfolio vs. Fanciful Naming Strategy Considerations 
3. Alcohol & Minors: What is our Responsibility as Designers? 
4. Seltzer vs. RTD Visual Canon 

These issues are newsletter exclusives (they won't be published in the broader report), so you can brag to your friends who aren't BBT subscribers about how much more informed you are on all things beer branding and marketing.

(Kidding! Kind of.) 

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We're also planning to record a Q&A podcast on this year's review in a month or so.

Please email me any questions you have on anything we cover here and we'll field those on the show.

Here's an outline for this year's report:

Beer Branding & Portfolio Strategy 

  • Rebrands vs. Refreshes
  • Brand vs. Style (on long term brand building)
  • Changing LDA demographics 
  • Multipacks in ascendancy
  • Paths to Market for Startups (Newsletter Exclusive)

Brand Architecture 

  • Welcome to the Era of Brand Families
  • Brand Architecture to guide New Product Development
  • Brand Extensions vs. Sub Brands 
  • Monolithic Portfolio vs. Fanciful Names (Newsletter Exclusive)
  • Alcohol & Minors: What is our Responsibility? (Newsletter Exclusive)

Beyond Beer

  • Broad overview on Beyond Beer shifts
  • Non-alcoholic Beer
  • Craft Water (Hop Water, Sparkling Water, Still Water)
  • Seltzer vs. RTD Visual Canon (Newsletter Exclusive)

Recession & Inflation

  • Overview (in this economy???)
  • On the perils of going budget
  • Craft on Craft M&A 

Visual (Packaging & Identity) Trends

  • "Mascots" (redux)
  • "Delightful Blobs" (just like me)
  • "Deconstructed Medley"
  • "Millennial Nostalgia" 
  • "Stripes"
  • "Gender Neutral Design"

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Read the article and then give this a listen for more background context on what we're seeing right now.

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