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VOL. 060

CODO's 2024 Beer Branding Trends Review is out now!

Good morning!

I'm excited to share our 2024 Beer Branding Trends Review with you. 

This is our annual deep dive on what we see shaping the beer and Bev Alc space (from a branding perspective) right now.

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2. If audio is more your speed, Cody and I recorded a companion podcast that serves as high-level overview of this piece. Listen to that here.

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1. Defining your Brand Equity: Fast & Slow (April 9)

2. The Regional Brewery Playbook (April 16)

3. A Quick & Dirty Guide to Co-Branding (April 23)

4. The Year of Lager? (April 30)

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Here's an outline for this year's report:

Section 1: Beer Branding & Positioning

Rebrands & Refreshes: Why are breweries rebranding right now?

• Rebranding to figure out where to go from here
• Rebranding to address Brand Architecture issues
• Refreshing their packaging after heavy SKU rationalization 
• Rebranding a specific beer
• Legacy Breweries are rebranding to find their third wind 
• Breweries are preparing for a change of the guard 
• Defining your Brand Equity: Fast & Slow (BBT Newsletter Exclusive)


• Your website as a content marketing hub
• An exciting rise in email marketing

Lifestyle Brands, Revisited

• Own an occasion 
• Blue collar Lifestyle Brands
• Lean into local pride

What's in a (style) name?

• IPA vs. Hazy
• Lager as a Brand

Breweries are taking their merch seriously

• Your merch is a direct reflection of your business
• Your merch should reinforce your positioning and story
• Give your fans winks and nods
• Create merch drops and scarcity 
• Please exit through the gift shop
• Driving revenue vs. Branding building

Hospitality-focused Breweries: Taprooms & Brewpubs 
• Multi-use spaces 
• Create a killer bar experience 
• Food as a differentiator

The Regional Brewery Playbook  (BBT Newsletter Exclusive)

Section 2: Brand Architecture 

The continued march of Sub / Endorsed Brands

• Sub Brands. So hot right now.
• How to Scale the Sub Brand Ladder
• First Steps: Create a Platform
• Intermediate Steps: Give it some gas
• Final Steps: Take "the Leap"

Restaurant vs. Brewery

A Quick & Dirty Guide to Co-Branding (BBT Newsletter Exclusive)

Section 3: Beer & Beyond (Exploring the Fourth Category)

The year of lager? (BBT Newsletter Exclusive)

The curious case of ABV

Hop Water (+ NA Beer)

• On categorical differentiation 
• How do you position Hop Water?
• Hop Water's Brand Architecture 
• A quick note on NA beer

Hard Cider

• Parallels between cider and beer
• Cider's halo effect
• Cider as a beverage platform 

Teas & RTDs (+ FMBs & Juice)

Section 4: Branding & Package Design Trends

• Overview + 70s, 80, 90s/00s

Even more mascots

Dimensional Typography

Gloopy Typography 

Vibrant & Neon

Around the Shop

[Podcast] 2024 Beer Branding Trends Overview

Here's a fun companion podcast that Cody and I recorded that covers everything we see shaping the beer and Bev Alc industry right now.

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