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CODO's 2021 Beer Branding Trends Review Out Now + our AMA

Our 2021 Beer Branding Trends review is out now—click here to read it.

Clocking in at just under 20k words, this is the most thorough annual guide we've put together to date. We've explored four core areas:

– COVID-19 Effects
– Major Industry Trends 
– Craft Beer Branding (& Package Design) Trends 
– Expert Opinions

We're going to treat the June issue of the BBT Newsletter as an ask-me-anything (AMA) related to this article. If you have any questions you'd like us to field, on anything we discuss in this piece, please shoot me an email and we'll cover it next month.

Have any questions?

Email with any questions or thoughts you have on this year's branding trends review and we'll field them in next month's BBT issue.

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Jump directly to COVID-19 Effects

Topics covered include: a continued need for packaging, DTC channels, "shopping on a mission," the aluminum shortage, triaging portfolios, C-stores and a move to embrace social and digital marketing. 

Jump directly to Major Industry Trends

Topics covered include: major brewery rebrands, packaging refreshes, variety packs, a focus on brand architecture, “clean labels,” “lo & no alc,” the curious case of higher octane seltzers, slim cans, innovation teams running wild and kombucha?

Jump directly to Branding (& Package Design) Trends

Trends identified include: “Chobanification,” “slaps,” “Bifurcation,” “V. Vibrant,” “Vintage Mascots,” “Tombstone Typography,” “Illustrated Ingredients,” and “Miami Vice, Baby.”

Jump directly to Expert Opinions

This year, we’re fortunate to be joined by eighteen industry experts spanning brewery founders, CEOs, distributors, marketing directors, leading industry consultants, writers, strategists and economists.

Sneak Peeks (works in progress)

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