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Episode Summary

Cody and Isaac sit down to discuss the differences between a brewery’s Mission and Vision, why this matters, and how it can help you build a more purposeful business.

Episode Notes

Points of discussion:

1. Your Mission is your brewery’s immediate, day-to-day marching orders.

2. Your vision is future-facing and tells the world where you’re going.

3. Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle (Start with Why).

4. Who would win in a no holds barred fight between Simon Sinek or Cody Fague. Simon is in better shape, but Cody has nothing to live for.

5. Intrinsic reasons that drive entrepreneurs vs. public-facing stories.

6. How do we frame your vision?

7. Examples of a Mission and Vision statement from your friends at CODO Design.

8. The best scene from the Sopranos? “Is this about the Easter baskets?”

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