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Episode Summary

Cody and Isaac sit down to discuss the various people and stakeholders groups you’ll need to organize ahead of your rebrand. They also touch on some important process nuances like gaining consensus amongst large groups and emotional intelligence tactics for wrangling all the different personalities you’re sure to run into throughout this work.

Episode Notes

Points of discussion:

1. Who comprises the Executive Team throughout a branding project.

2. How many people should actually be involved in decision making throughout this process?

3. How do we organize and prioritize other stakeholder groups beyond the Executive Team?

4. How (if at all) do we bring customers into this process?

5. Why CODO prefers one-on-one intimate conversations over beer to the dreaded large group “discovery” session.

6. What’s the magic numbers in terms of interviews? Where do we start to see diminishing returns?

7. Some emotional intelligence tactics for engaging with folks who *need* to be involved, but that might not be on the same page as the rest of your team.

8. Always assume the person you’re talking to knows something you don’t. (Important life lesson as well)

9. How can we avoid the dreaded “Swoop?”

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