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Episode Summary

Cody and Isaac sit down to discuss what a branding project kickoff looks like. Plus, art direction homework, organizing internal and external partner interviews and thoughts on remote vs. onsite work.

Episode Notes

Points of discussion:

  1. You’ve worked through the proposal process and now have a signed contract. What is our next move?
  2. Email handshake = let’s get after it!
  3. Pre-project art direction homework. (Art direction, competitive set audit, brand audit, if applicable)
  4. Tools and software for onboarding clients.
  5. Beyond the Executive Team, who do we need to talk to during the kickoff?
  6. How do we organize, prioritize and schedule all of your brewery’s internal stakeholders? (Sales, Marketing & Design, Front of House, Brew Staff)
  7. What external partners will we need to interview? (Distributors, Large Chain Retail Partners, Field Reps, Market Managers, etc.)
  8. Thoughts on in-person vs remote work. When is travel necessary and when can we run everything remotely
  9. What does an in-person, onsite kickoff itinerary look like?
  10. Sample 2–3 day itinerary.
  11. One-on-one conversations vs large group “discovery” sessions. When is each one appropriate?

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