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Episode Summary

Cody and Isaac sit down to discuss when (and when not) to rebrand a brewery.

Episode Notes

Points of discussion

  1. Overall look is dated and inconsistent (And no longer reflects your core values and current version of your business)
  2. You’re making major changes within your company. You are repositioning and/or specifically making major changes to your portfolio with new extensions, sub brands and other brand architecture restructuring
  3. You don’t know how to tell your story.
  4. You always feel like you’re reinventing the wheel. (For you in house designers and marketing directors out there)
  5. Some tactical project—e.g. new website, format change—reveals larger messaging issues that need to be resolved.
  6. You’re self conscious of your branding.
  7. When not to rebrand: If there are deep, intrinsic problems with your business itself that have not been fixed, then a rebrand is a waste of money.

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