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VOL. 017

CODO's 2022 Beer Branding Trends Review (+ Podcast) is out now

Morning, party people!

CODO Design's 2022 Beer Branding Trends review is out now. 

Clocking in at just over 17,000 words, this piece covers a wide range of topics that are shaping beer and beverage alcohol today (and tomorrow).

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We'd also like to invite you to listen to a special BBT Podcast episode where Cody and I discuss the piece itself. 

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Reinvention explores an industry in flux, including:

  • Rebrands
  • Packaging refreshes
  • The “Ball-out”
  • Formats in flux
  • Lifestyle brands
  • eCommerce

Beyond Beer examines:

  • Defining "Beyond beer" 
  • Growth opportunities 
  • “Dayparting”
  • Esoteric ingredients (#lifehacks)
  • Debits & credits 
  • Non-alcoholic beer & beverages 
  • Premium-izing hard seltzer 
  • Categorical differentiation opportunities for hard seltzer 
  • How can we “seltzer-ize” other categories

Brand Architecture outlines:

  • Parent brand considerations when going Beyond Beer
  • The “Accidental” hospitality group 
  • Style-forward vs. fanciful beer names 
  • Brand extensions vs Sub-brands 
  • Era of the craft beer platform?

We've identified 8 visual trends over the last year of field work, including:

  • Investing in Illustration
  • “Minimal Plus”
  • 60’s Vintage Revival
  • Monoline
  • Skulls
  • Custom Dielines
  • Interactive Packaging 
  • Co-branded Stunt Beverages 

This year, we’re joined by fourteen industry experts spanning brewery founders, CEOs, distributors, marketing directors, industry consultants, writers, retailers, strategists and economists. We’ve given each person a few specific questions to add more context to everything we’ve discussed to this point. These experts include:


  • Jeff Alworth (Beervana)
  • Tara Nurin (Eyes on the World)
  • Julie Rhodes (Not Your Hobby Marketing)
  • Paige Sopcic (CanSource)
  • Jim Watson (Rabobank)
  • Bump Williams (The BWC Company)


  • Mark Gallo (Nor-Cal Beverage)
  • Jess Infante (Brewbound)
  • Eddie Sahm (Sahm Hospitality Group)
  • Bart Watson (Brewers Association)


  • Andrew Emerton (New Belgium Brewing)
  • Joel Hueston (First Key Consulting)
  • Matthew McLaughlin (McLaughlin PC + Fertile Ground Beer Co.)
  • Mandie Murphy (Left Field Brewery)


Cody and I recorded a podcast that dives deeper into this year's trends roundup. This is a great conversation for those brewery or Bev Alc companies looking for incremental growth and future brand building opportunities. 

Give this a listen while gardening, roller blading to the farmers' market, lifting weights and crushing beers, pretending to work, mowing the lawn brewing and/or marketing beer.

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